Beaucoup Designs is a Baton Rouge based jewelry wholesaler and retailer. Style, affordability, and quality are built into every design, catering to customers who want to add a bit of flair to everyday-wear or need to complete the perfect outfit for an evening out. Our collection offers beautiful embellishments to a wide variety of clientele from the young to the young at heart.

With 30 years of retail expertise, we at Beaucoup Designs have our finger on the pulse of the fashion jewelry industry. We understand our retailers need for a fashionable product line at a reasonable price point combined with unbeatable customer service. As such, from concept design to the finished product we invest countless hours into creating each piece in our product line, even testing every new ring, bracelet, necklace, and set of earrings ourselves. This keeps us pretty busy since we reinvent ourselves twice a year, always looking forward and keeping up with the latest trends. Get to know Leah Ann Messer, our lead designer, learn how we develop our product lines, and find out how to become a Beaucoup Designs retailer.

Meet Our Designer

Leah Ann Messer developed her keen eye for beautiful objects at an early age. As a young girl in West Texas and later in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she was always drawn to beauty and design: certain palettes of color, interesting fabrics, ribbons, and intricate metal design. Most notably, she loved the artistic intricacy of antique and vintage styles. Her interests in textiles and design quickly became a calling to learn about and create her own beautiful objects. As a self-taught artist, Leah Ann developed her own style and skills through trial and error, working with drawing, painting, clothing, hand crafted projects, jewelry, and metal work. She was intrigued by the various techniques of working with different materials, and still considers herself more of a mechanic than an artist...learning, creating, and reinventing processes that take each piece from dream to reality. Whether traveling the world, spending time in quiet reflection, or exploring the simple beauty that surrounds her every day, she finds inspiration in unexpected places like the knobs of an old door, the unique strokes of a calligraphy pen, or the special traditions passed from generation to generation. Always with a flair for vintage and classic, elegance and detail, Leah Ann continues to develop her mechanic’s craft to create her own beautiful pieces for Beaucoup Designs.

Product Development

We develop our collections not only by trends in the market, but also the opportunities we see to offer something different. While the market defines what is fashionable, it also opens possibilities for what is missing, a niche that needs to be filled. Our clients and customers often know the look they want, and we are sure to give that to them, but we also know we can provide unique and surprising products they might not have known they wanted. Our collections are sure to offer something to suit a variety tastes.